Mt. Apo covered by clouds

As another year passed by, thankful and grateful that we conquered the challenges and trials with fears, pains and happy memories as we faced in the year 2019, it made us more to be a better yet stronger person. As the year 2020 comes, we thank our God that we are still here to celebrate another life and New Year together with our families and friends. Lets Stand Up! Be brave and dream big for this year. Hoping for all the dreams and wishes will come true. Lastly, believe in God and pray always. Happy New Year!!!!

Colors of life

We see these beautiful rainbows that consists of colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet after a rain that water droplets reflects on the rays of the sun. People may see the whole of it but cannot identify where will it ends. In life, rainbows may signifies a lot of values in peoples’ lives, it may be in a beautiful, personal at experienced ways.

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